We've all stole things, like a shot glass from the local bar.  So now meet Mitchell Tice.  A Florida Keys man, 40, who was arrested and charged with stealing a box of sex toys!


This is Mitchell Tice, a smiling breakfast cook (pancakes & sausages)  allegedly broke into a trailer owned by a couple who he worked for in January and stole the naughty items.  He also took two laptops and a wig, according to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office.

His masterplan was foiled when Tice's girlfriend, Pshantel Scott, told detectives that her boyfriend “had placed a bag of dildo’s (sex toys) under their bed.” Scott, 38, added that Tice told her he stole the sex toys “from his boss’s trailer.”  What he was planning to do with them remains a mystery.  (She had to have been pissed that he didnt let her use them! )

His girlfriend then turned over the hot items, which “were placed into property.” The sex toys were later shown to the restaurant owners, who “positively identified the items as theirs.” 

Now he is charged with a felony burglary and two misdemeanor counts, Tice is being held in lieu of $4000 bond at a county lockup- all for stealing things that vibrate with lighted tips!  Idiot.