Legal charges surrounding marijuana stem from fines and violations to jail time.  However, one District Attorney in New York is going against this, and announced that he will no longer prosecute low-level marijuana cases.  And really, if you're caught with possession of a small amount of marijuana a few times in New York? Well, according to one organization, NORML, that could mean about two weeks in jail.  Interestingly, you can see a whole spread sheet of fines and jail time possible for offenses at NORML, an organization apparently aimed at reforming marijuana laws in New York.

According to News Channel 13 however, Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance announced this week that his office is going to decline prosecuting marijuana possession and smoking cases.  This is going in to effect August 1st according to News Channel 13, however it's only one district attorney in all of New York making this change.  WGRZ reported on Western New York now reviewing marijuana policies and prosecution amidst DA Vance making his announcement.

This led me to think about the Capital Region, and all of New York as a whole.  Really, it seems like a whole lot of tax money spent to have someone in jail for 15 days just for a few minor marijuana possession charges.  Especially since it's a substance that's legal in some states for recreational purposes, and medicinally in New York.  What are your thoughts?  Should these minor possession and smoking cases just not be prosecuted at all?