Our local convenience store that not many can say a single bad word about. Some of their stockholders certainly aren't complaining either.

I have always heard growing up very good things about Stewarts as a workplace. I know myself when I was unemployed in 2012, I applied to work in their warehouse in Saratoga for that reason exactly. I always have heard they offer amazing benefits, pay well and also that they are a great place to work. Didn't get that job.

From around that time until 2016 their stock value skyrocketed 66%. That in and of itself made people much richer. It went from about $150 a share to over $260 for one. Imagine if you invested a few grand. So you see how millionaires are being created.

Now there are dozens upon dozens of retired employees with $1,000,000. You might think that is hard to believe but a good portion of them started off as hourly employees. So if you are looking for a job, maybe try Stewarts Shop.

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