According to an article posted by News 10 abc,  Governer Cuomo has discussed the possibility of a  new technology- a "textalyzer"- being put to use to help determine if people have been using their cell phones illegally while driving.   It's reported that the traffic safety committee is going to be taking a closer look at the technology, and that proposed legislation would have drivers losing their license if they refuse to give up their phone to the police.  More specific details can be found in the News 10 report.

I guess this new "textalyzer" is supposed to show a cop if you've been texting, using Facebook, or other apps, simply by being plugged in via a cord to a police tablet.  Technically, it seems like they're not actually going through your phone and infringing in your personal data that way.  But nonetheless, it's a whole lot of information that can be read it seems via this textalyzer and software.

I don't deny that texting and driving is bad.  I can't think of how many times I've seen someone swerving on the road, or just sitting at a green light (not realizing it's turned green) because they're staring at a cell phone.  Personally, I turn my sound off and flip my phone over so I don't even see alerts come through.  Who needs that kind of distraction. However, losing my license because I won't hand my phone over to an officer?! Please.  That seems a little bit extreme.  I'm not down with that AT all.  What are your thoughts?