"The 12 Days of Christmas," is a very confusing song, because it begins on "The first day of Christmas," the song counts up to the 12th day, at the beginning of each verse but suddenly begins counting down, or is it just listing the gifts given on each day in reverse order.

I am not going take the 12 days of Christmas in the face the wrong way, because I am an American, I insist on taking Christmas in the face the right way, so I consulted the internet.

It turns out that there is no exact meaning or origin of the song, some sites claim that they know the origin, but they do not explain why the song is written the way it is.

There are many different versions of the song, and after my research I am kind of happy that, we the people of Q103, are doing this, the way that we are because, I would not like to get hit in the face with the following:




Asses Racing. (Pending on the ass.)



Badgers baiting. 

However, I will keep on taking Christmas in the face, for you America.