The buzz on the street is someone recently robbed the house of an ex of good old Nicholas Cage and among the items stolen are naked pictures of Nicholas. There’s a “Gone in 60 seconds” joke in here somewhere, but I think I’m going a different route. Let’s just say if I could get my hands on the U.S. constitution then I could very well lead you to the very place where these naked pictures are being held.

“Nicholas Cage allegedly once took X-rated photos with ex Christina Fulton – and now the pics are supposedly missing.

Fulton’s former handyman Ricardo Orozco has reportedly been arrested for breaking into her home, and he’s said to have stolen the alleged explicit snapshots.” -gossipcop

Is it gay that I want to find these naked pictures of Nicholas Cage or does it make me a patriot? One thing is for sure, whoever finds these pictures will certainly win the internet.

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