If you are feeling a little lonely this Valentines evening just be thankful that you do not live in 'The City Where Love Goes to Die' that is, unless you do. Then sorry about your luck.

Recently ApartmentList.com conducted a survey to figure out where the Best Metros for Dating in 2018 were and as it turns out one Upstate New York came in dead last with the NY Post going so far as to call it "The City Where Love Goes to Die".

The surveys essentially asked a bunch of people a bunch of questions (which you can read more about here) and after compiling all the data they determined that Syracuse, NY is the worst city for finding love, and by a pretty big margin. For perspective the 'Cuse came in with only a 14.8% satisfaction rate while the Connecticut metros of Bridgeport and New Haven came in second and third to last with 20.7% and 25% satisfaction ratings.

To be honest most of the Northeast did pretty terrible throughout the survey. However, one Upstate New York city did break the top ten and one in the Capital Region came in not too far behind.

Rochester, NY actually came in at #8 on the Best Metros for Dating List with a 52.8% satisfaction rating and surprisingly Albany, NY came in at #11 on the BEST list with a 51.9% satisfaction rating.

As someone who has lived, most recently, in Albany and in Syracuse I gotta be honest when I say I had more success down the thruway then in the Capital Region. Then again, my love life did follow me from Syracuse to the Capital Region so maybe I don't really have a grasp on the dating scene around these parts.

How satisfied are you with the dating scene in the Capital Region?