Talk about the ultimate summer refreshment! In New York, you can legally now have ice cream made with beer or cider!

According to the Times Union, a new law was passed that allows the sale of ice cream that's made with beer or cider.  Now, alcoholic frozen treats aren't necessarily a new thing, since wine slushies and frozen refreshments have previously been legal.  However, beer and cider haven't.  The frozen treats can't have more than 5% alcohol, and obviously have to only be sold to be people of legal age to drink.  So when you're looking to have an ice cream to beat the heat, and get crazy all at once, now you've got an answer! I don't drink alcohol anymore personally, but I'm curious to see how many companies start coming out with frozen treats made from cider or beer.  I feel like that would be a hot commodity- especially in our current heat wave!