Hot summer days call for a dip in the pool. But is that water you’re going in to really that sanitary? I mean, I swim in pools one way or another.  But, when you start to think about it, there are a whole lot of different people that share public pools, which means a whole lot of germs and bacteria. And if the pools don’t get monitored or taken care of correctly? Well, bacteria loves to fester. Recently, a list got released on of the top pools in Upstate New York with the worst health and safety violations of 2017. We’re on to a new year, and hopefully the violators have learned from 2017. Also, the actual specific violations are listed at, and just because a pool was violated doesn’t mean that it’s a cesspool of filth at all. However, I still couldn’t help but notice a few Capital Region Pools that made this list, including:

  • Best Western Park Inn in Saratoga Springs:  violations related to disinfectants ad well as glass/sharp objects around the pool
  • Albany Airport Hilton Garden Inn:  violations related to filtration and disinfectants
  • Mohawk Club in Schenectady:  violations related to disinfectants and enclosure