Alright let's put this urban legend or hoax to bed.  There have been numerous stories across the internet warning people that cell phone numbers will soon go public and that telemarketers will be calling and using up your minutes.  Well let's just say that won't happen, but if it is happening to you then call the National Do Not Call Registry.  The FCC or Federal Communications Commission has blocked telemarketers from auto dialers to dial a cellphone number, that means that is the cellphone numbers were made public, each telemarketer would have to manually dial your number which is not efficient and would take up too much time to actually execute.

Where did this rumor actually start from?  A company called Quest wanted to make a 411 directory and make all cellphone numbers available to the public but only as a opt in option and will be sold to telemarketers.  News of this story caused the "go public" rumor to spread across the internet.  The idea failed but the rumor still exists.  Should the idea ever come true then it still will only be a opt in option and will not be sold to telemarketers.

I'm not saying that telemarketer won't call your cellphone number.  If they have your number you probably gave out your number somewhere at sometime.  However, should you want your number on the National Do Not Call Registry, its simple.  From the telephone or cell phone you would like to have blocked and put on the list call 1-888-382-1222.


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