Ok there's a special place in a "special place" for people like this.

In one of the most disgusting news stories of the week, a couple was arrested and being accused of filming unknowing victims in bathrooms in and around the Capital Region.  Not just once (which is disturbing enough).   Not twice.  But for TWO YEARS.

CBS 6 Albany reported on this, and the arrest of James and Valerie Hewitt (you can see their photos here).  So here's the rundown I got from the CBS 6 Albany report, to try and keep it striaght for you:

  • Valerie Hewitt allegedly used a purse with a recording device which she brought into bathrooms in the Watverliet Price Chopper from July 2017 to July 2019
  • Reportedly, she would put her purse with the recording device on the floor between stalls to film people
  • James and Valerie are also accused of filming people in the Great Escape bathroom (they allegedly filmed a child under ten and an adult)
  • At least 30 victims filmed from Price Chopper were noted, ranging in ages from 4 to 58.  Only a few of the 30 have been identified however
  • They face charges of course in Watervliet but also in Warren County
  • Authorities are asking for help.  You can get more information here

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