We have been enjoying fairly low gas prices for quite some time now, they are, however, expected to jump substantially come springtime.

I certainly don't miss the days in 2010 when I had a V8 all-wheel-drive Jeep Grand Cherokee. Hopefully, we don't see those days again anytime soon. It at least seems we won't get to the amount of excess we saw some 5-10 years ago at least. If you are used to gas being under $3 a gallon, that may change rather quickly as spring is right around the corner.

According to GasBuddy.com we are spending $0.30 more a gallon than we were last year. Which seeing as prices still aren't super high, that's not horrible. With the same projections and what normally happens with gas prices in the springtime, we can see gas prices jump or at least come close to $3 a gallon.

I myself was shocked yesterday when filling my tank that it took $31.