Everyone has their favorite food. Hell people have favorite everything! Favorite song, Favorite color, Favorite sexual position. But normal people mix things up to keep their favorite fresh and special. Not this girl.

According to Daily Mail, Stacy Irvine a 17 year old girl who since the age of two has eaten close to nothing else but Chicken nuggets. After collapsing and being rushed to the hospital she was later notified that her Chicken nugget addiction was killing her and with out a healthy change in her diet she wouldn’t have much longer to live. Despite the obvious choices she needs to make, Irvine has decided the addiction is to big and wont stop eating them,

First off, wow! Second, she has been eating these since the age of two. No toddler has their own income. What parent is permitting their child to go on eating nothing but chicken nuggets? Also how can you eat the same thing everyday? Variety is key, variety in food, variety in music, and variety in women. That’s what make the world go round… well that and fat bottom girls. However, if I had to choose one food to eat everyday, it would be pizza. I mean pizza can come in any form and you can put anything on it. So verity of pizza can be made. But to find out a food is killing and still continue to eat it? That might not happen. However, if I was told I could have ice cream any more, I might just consider killing my self. Death by chocolate. Boom!