How many times did your parents tell you things that you just simply believed as a kid? "Don't swallow chewing gum. It will stay in your stomach for 7 years". Things like that we just assumed were true but some of these statements were just myths.

Here's another example. Did mom or dad ever tell you to turn off the dome light in the car? When you asked why they said "because it's illegal". So, is it illegal in New York State to drive with the dome light on in your vehicle?

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Like most States, New York has several laws in place to keep you safe while driving around town or up and down the Northway. For example it is illegal to hang items from your rearview mirror in the Empire State.

As for driving in New York with the dome light on, is it illegal in New York State or is this just something that annoyed mom and dad?

According to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) light from inside your vehicle makes it harder for you to see the road ahead. Authorities suggest that you keep the interior roof light off and dim the dashboard lights BUT is it illegal?

Policygenius reports that it is NOT illegal to drive in New York with your dome light on. However, a police officer may still pull you over for threatening the safety of others if the lights are on inside your car but it is LEGAL.

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