In this age of convenience we can have just about anything delivered right to our front door. Flowers! Pizza! Groceries! Laundry and even a new car! Now imagine the marijuana delivery person knocks on the front door. "Your weed is here!"

A press release from states that Governor Cuomo is amending his proposal to allow delivery services as a way to open up access to this new industry even further so more New Yorkers can participate as it grows.

Not every New York town will be part of this as local governments would have the opportunity to opt out from delivery services occurring within their jurisdiction. According to, this is the third year Cuomo has endorsed legal recreational marijuana in New York, but the two earlier plans failed to win support in the state Legislature. The state does have a legal medical marijuana program.

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So, if you are 21 years old or older, you would be allowed to buy marijuana from state-approved dispensaries. Cuomo projects that legal recreational marijuana would create 60,000 jobs in the state, with $3.5 billion in “economic activity,” generating $350 million in annual tax revenues “once fully implemented,” his office said. Here are some other "high"lights to the plan:

  • $100 million “social equity fund.” would be created from marijuana revenues.
  • Reduced Penalties for some types of marijuana sales that would remain crimes under the proposal.
  • Office of Cannabis Management created to oversee legal marijuana production and sales. Think of this as the State Liquor Authority but for marijuana.

If this goes into effect, my suggestion is to invest in those cameras for your porch or front door. If you think people were interested in your deliveries before, they may have an increased interest soon.


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