When are you too drunk to drive? One German gave us the worst, or for joking purposes the best, example in the history of fail.

Bernhard Becker was stopped by police for a "random drug test". When police attempted to administer the breathalyzer test, Bernhard grabbed it and attempted to make a call to his lawyer on the device.

It almost goes without saying that Mr. Becker was arrested on the spot. The police even had a good laugh too saying "We didn't really need the reading". (A blood test was taken after the arrest that proved for the record that he was over the limit).

Even when the officer administering the test tried to explain to him that it was not a phone, Bernhard kept trying to no avail. He was trying to get the dial pad up and make a call to his lawyer, he did eventually make the call - from the local jail.

And for the record, the above picture is me from several years ago. I did a 'stunt' where I got drunk on the air and had local police test me every 30 minutes to judge my impairment to show how few drinks it takes to go over the limit. Thankfully, I had a taxi company that offer to take me home that day.