In the beginning of each year, the number one resolution is to 'lose weight/exercise more.' By February, most who made that resolution have given up on it. New York state is no different as a whole when it comes to exercising.

In fact, we've ranked in the Top 10 states that are bad about exercising in a new Gallop Poll.

Our neighbors to the east in Vermont ranked highest in frequent exercising. That is exercising 30 minutes or more three days a week or more. Vermont is followed up by Hawaii, Montana, Alaska, and Colorado. Now that marijuana is legal in Colorado, we wonder what the 2014 results will look like.

New York didn't fair so well in the poll, ranking in the bottom 10 states, coming in tied at 43rd with Ohio.

Here's the breakdown of the top & bottom ten:

Top Ten

1. Delaware 46.5%
2. West Virginia 47.1%
3. Alabama 47.5%
4. New Jersey 47.7%
5. Rhode Island 48.2%
6. Tennessee 49.2%
7. New York 49.3%
8. Ohio 49.3%
9. Indiana 49.4%
10. South Carolina 49.7%

Bottom Ten

1. Vermont 65.3%
2. Hawaii 62.2%
3. Montana 60.1%
4. Alaska 60.1%
5. Colorado 59.8%
6. Oregon 58.0%
7. Idaho 57.7%
8. New Mexico 57.4%
9. Nebraska 56.3%
10. North Dakota 56.0%

You can break it down even more with an interactive map by clicking here.