Halloween movies and thrillers may be based on the idea of a psychopath, but it turns out you don’t even need to turn to the movies.

I stumbled across an article about the U.S. states with he most psychopaths.  New York ranked pretty high on the list.   Reader’s Digest posted about research looking at major personality traits present in states in comparison with those of psychopaths.  Well, that’s my summary of the research at least.  New York landed in a tie with Wyoming, taking up spots 4-5 on the list.

Yup!  New York is clearly one of the top places to get your Halloween spook on because we have a high number of people with the traits of a psychopath, according to the article and that research.  Number one?  That went to Connecticut.  But is that really any surprise, have you seen anyone drive from Connecticut?  Pure craziness.  New Jersey got number three, and Maine was in the top ten too.  Clearly the Northeast has some issues- as much as I love it here! You can check out the full list and article here.