You may have experienced fear or anxiety when you can't find your phone at your home and no is there with you to call it for you - or the dreaded "phone on silent" so you won't hear it ring anyways. These scenarios can cause a lot of stress on someone.

Well you are not alone and you might have what is called Nomphobia; the fear of being without a mobile phone. Over a fifth of the population suffers from it in fact. 

A study finds very sad statistics when it comes to mobile phone use which has created this new(er) phobia. Woman are 17% more likely to suffer from Nomophobia then men with the reasoning being they worried about being "out of mobile phone contact."

The study of 1,000 people also found out:

  • 1/5 of mobile users check their email while lying in bed
  • 1/4 of mobile user consult their phone while on a (dinner) date
  • Only 50% have actually secured their device with a password or passcode

By the way, if you every lose your phone at home and no one is there to call it for you. There is a great and handy little website called "Where's My Cellphone?". You type in your number and in a matter of seconds the website calls your phone


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