You remember your first car, right?  Ah, my sweet 1991 Sunbird - equipt with that high-tech AM/FM radio.  I know what it's like saving up $250 to purchase such a beast and thinking "Man, I wish I were rich like, like The President, then I could roll around in a badass mobile like the Presidential State Car."  Come to find out, President Obama wasn't always rolling around in such a suave ride.

In a recent interview with AAA, the President revealed that his first car belonged to his grandfather.  David Jackson of USA Today states, the President owned "a Ford Granada."  Much like my beast of a bird, the President's 1970's Granda "rattled and it shook" quotes Jackson.

As a young lad with a car that had trouble hitting 55 MPH, going down-hill and with a tail wind, I assumed the ladie's weren't quick to turn heads when a Granada whipped by, and Jackson quotes the president's confirmation, " I don't think the girls were particularly impressed when I came to pick them up in a Ford Granada."

What do you think about the Granada? Chick magnet?  The President turned out alright - hell, he's the President. What was your first car and did you turn some heads?

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