Well, I guess that's one way to get your sled up to those sweet trails...

Imagine this, you are cruising up the Northway maybe you are going to visit some family for the holidays or heading up to the Adirondacks to enjoy the scenery, go on a winter hike, or do whatever it is that you do in the Adirondacks when it's cold and snowy out. Then when you get about to Queensbury you end up behind this ...

Well, that is exactly what happened to Paul Hollenbeck last week as he was making his trek on the Northway. Since then his post and Freddy Muhlberger, the man who actually strapped his snowmobile to the roof of his car, have gone a bit viral.

According to WNYT Freddy said that he,

didn't have a truck or trailer, so he used three ratchet straps to tie the sled to his Ford Focus. It didn't budge during his 100-plus mile trip to Ticonderoga.

He even said that he passed a few police officers on his journey and none of them pulled him over.

That takes some guts! I would 1.) be scared that the sled was going to wreck my car 2.) be worried about that thing falling off and injuring other motorists and 3.) be worried about getting a ticket of some sort. However, I guess if you are Freddy, when the trails call you find someway to make that ride happen.

What would you do if you saw this sight driving down the Northway?