We asked and you answered!  We recently did a post on our Q103 Facebook page asking what the best reason to live in the Capital Region was.  We got a wide variety of responses (some negative- I mean come on, have some pride in your region!) but an overwhelming amount of people responded 'family.'  That's right, you are family people!  I can't argue, I grew up in New York, moved away and lived in places from Utah to Vermont, and ultimately moved back to settle down because of family.  But honestly, we're a pretty great region.  We've got live music, the outdoors at our fingertips, city living, rural living, good food, and a nightlife (all stuff you answered!).  There's sporting events, family events, and everything in between.

But when it comes down to it- it's family!  Kudos to you for being family people and rocking!