Really, I’m annoyed whole lot, but my biggest pet peeve is risiculous slang.  I actually heard somewhere that the word ‘slang’ itself is actually a slang for ‘shortened language.’ If it’s true or not, I don’t care because it fits perfectly. Either way, in my reflection upon 2017, I HAVE to mention all of the new slang that I’ve heard and discovered (and got ticked off at- is it that hard to say a full word?!).  So here’s the words and slangs that I cane across in 2017 that I love to hate:

FOMO (fear of missing out)

High key (saying it to make a statement, as in ‘High key stop saying dumb slang.)

Lit AF (for ‘Lit as f*ck’)

Turnt (amped, excessivley hyped up, with or without substances)

Clap back (a snappy comeback)

Squad (ok this has been around but I keep hearing it and keep hating it)

Woke (knowledgeable, aware... if you’e using this term, you’re not)

Hundo P (100%, totally)

...and I’m getting irritated just writing these out.  How do you feel about all this slang?