We called it! Seriously though, who else wants to give their kitty this haircut for the remainder of summer?

Cat, Animal Lovers Converge On Pet Fair
Sean Gallup/Getty Images

So, remember the other day when we told you that the Albany Police Department was warning residents near Buckingham Pond of a wild animal on the loose after people reported seeing a bobcat or chupacabra (ha!) around the area. The original picture of the animal was a little blurry but kind of looked to have some sort of mane and fluffy tail, slightly resembling a lion.

We originally observed that the animal looked too small to be a lion, bobcat, or whatever the elusive "chupacabra" is, and as it tuns out we were right. In reality, the animal is someone's shaved Maine Coon cat named Chester! Chester's owner says that he isn't dangerous and even sent in a picture to CBS6 Albany to prove it (you can see the picture HERE.) By the looks of the photo, it seems Chester may be more interested in belly rubs and cuddles than endangering the public.

After the reports circulated online, Chester will be kept indoors for awhile for his safety, even if he is not at all happy about that.