Ever since I've seen the movie “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure” I have wanted a bed that makes its self right away. And now it looks as though I have that option.

How many times have you woke up and immediately dreaded the idea of making your own bed? Not saying making your bed is necessary or even all that hard to do. But If I can have robots do something instead of me doing it, I’m going to.  According to Newser.com a Spanish company has invented the world’s first self making bed.

This bed looks like a good idea but watching it in action almost makes me not want it. It’s a bit intimidating. And it doesn’t come with a fire pole that dresses you or a complicated breakfast machine. I’m not so sure I’d really want this self making bed.

#1: its In Spanish.

#2: those claws that come out don’t look all that inviting.

#3: I think I’ll hold out till they invent a bed that makes its self and has sex with you before I fork over any cash.

#4: I might buy this bed if it comes with a complicated breakfast machine… no, I’d totally buy it if a dinosaur squeezed my orange juice.


PS: who even makes their bed every day?