Those crazy kids! He's 76, She's 64 and after a night of drinking they went to a park to play with each other. They weren't exactly going to the park to play tag, they went there to perform oral sex. The only problem is they were caught by police and arrested on indecency charges.

According to the arrest report -

James Harsey and Audra Rodriguez were groping each other neara bridge in Balsam Park in Myrtle Beach. Several bottles of vodka were surrounding them, Harsey "had his head between the legs" of Rodriguez "performing oral sex on her exposed genitals."

The story was described in a Myrtle Beach Police Report by the arresting officer.   As he walked towards the bridge in Balsam Park, he noticed two subjects lying in the grass.  He observed the female lying on her back with her shorts and panties pulled down around her ankles with her genital exposed.   The male was lying face first between her legs performing oral sex on her.

The couple was booked on obscene exposure of private parts in a lewd manner and also charged with a park ordinance violation due to being intoxicated and having alcohol in the park.