This storm is no joke! The afternoon storm did a lot of damage around the Capital Region in the short 10-20 minutes it rolled through...

If you were somehow spared from the crazy 20 minutes or some of thunder, lightning, and torrential downpours this afternoon then consider yourself one f the lucky ones. The first of today's storm has already wreaked havoc throughout the Capital Region as it rolled it's way right on through.

It was a crazy thing to watch happen here at the Q studios, it was sunny and nice and then the sky went dark and the clouds just let loose. At the time it seemed like a pretty intense summer storm, that is until the calls started coming in.

I was getting calls in the studio from listeners pulled over on the side of the road asking if we thought they should wait it out or press on (wait it out!) and then I started getting pictures and videos from home where the streets of Albany around Western Ave. were completely flooded with trees down and power out.

Then just as quickly as it rolled through the sun was out again like nothing had just happened if not evident by the damage left behind. In fact it the fast-moving storm was so intense that it literally knocked over the back of the stage for a show our sister station was scheduled to host this evening.

stage colapse

Have you been witness to any of the carnage this afternoon? If so show us your pic's in the comments and stay safe out there this may not be the only storm rolling through today!

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