Who is having the biggest, baddest, best Labor Day BBQ? 


Your Labor Day BBQ has to look better then this or else you're not doing it right.

Just thinking about some of the Labor Day BBQ's I have been to in the past is making me hungry right now, I have had some good ones.

Although some of you are going to be grilling in October and possible November, depending on how much of a real man, or American you are, this is your last chance to have a BBQ this summer.

If this is your end of the summer BBQ blow out then I want to see it.

There is nothing more American then a man proud of his meat, a man so proud of his meat that he needs to show it to everyone so that they can look in awe of that man's meat.

I acknowledge that I am not mentioning woman, I am aware that woman can BBQ to, but I have yet to see a woman who is proud of her meat.

If you are a woman that wants to prove that woman can grill to, then show me your meat!!!!

I don't know what I am doing for Labor Day, I am working.

And if no one shows me their meat, then I guess I picked the right image for this blog.

And please, use propane.

Taste the meat not the heat.

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