I am so sick of hearing about 'millennials.' It seems like everywhere I turn, I hear that term. And now, we've got yet another generation of people to label! According to a Times Union article, social scientists have now classified a micro-generation called Xennials, that fits somewhere between millennials and Gen-X.

First off, this generation is made of people born within a 6 year gap. Do we really need a new classification for only 6 years? What makes Xennials that special? Secondly, these classifications are starting to sound like names from a science fiction book. Lastly, I'm already sick of this 'millennial' thing, do we really need to add another age group?! What purpose does adding more and more into the mix provide? I don't see it, and I have one of my two college degrees in Sociology!

Just look at music- Metalcore, hardcore, post-hardcore, heavy metal, punk, post-punk, pop-punk, emo... it goes on and on. What happened to the days of just 'classic rock,' 'punk rock,' and 'heavy metal.' I am admittedly a huge academic when it comes to music history and truly enjoy learning all about the evolution of rock and roll. However, I personally feel that half of these music micro-genres crossover and bleed into each other, where one band fits in to about four different micro-genres. So why do it! Why add even more when it's not necessary.

Can't we just agree that rock is rock, heavy metal is heavy metal, and people can just be their age, instead of some wonky group named something fairly absurd.