Sadly, affordable access to menstrual products isn't a reality for certain period-having individuals. Whether it's because of poverty, homelessness, or inflation, no one should have to sacrifice a medical necessity, especially when it's for something you have no control over. Fortunately, the Capital Region Menstrual Health organization has figured out a way for residents in the area to get menstrual health products for free, and their idea is bloody brilliant!

Natracare via Unsplash
Natracare via Unsplash

The average woman spends about $20 on feminine hygiene products per cycle, adding up to about $18,000 over her lifetime. Pads and tampons are expensive, and many shelters are not only overcrowded, but lack resources to provide more than a few items per menstrual cycle. -Chloe Williams, National Organization for Women (

Schenectady Opens Period Pantry

Thepadproject on instagram shows off the Capital Region Menstrual Health's new "period pantry" they placed in Schenectady as a result of the "Pads Across America" grant awarded by the Pad Project. Capital Region Menstrual Health project lead Claire explains how this grant has helped the group fight against period poverty one period pantry at a time. As of January 11th, the organization had distributed 17,500 menstrual products to roughly 1,500 people-- who knows how many they've distributed since!

This catalytic funding has provided us with countless opportunities to provide products, educate our community, and normalize menstruation. - Claire (thepadproject via Instagram)

Period Pantry Unveiled in Albany

Dedicated to helping underserved populations in the area, the organization has added three period pantries in Schenectady. Most recently, they've added one in Albany which you can find at the Wage Center on Green St (aroundalbany via Instagram).

If you'd like to help Capital Region Menstrual Health, you can visit their linktree here, which includes links to various things like donations, their Amazon wishlist of menstrual products, and much more.

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