Here in the Capital Region we don't measure snow fall in inches. We measure it in feet! We are accustomed to severe weather events and large amounts of snow. Just a few weeks ago we had approximately 2.5 feet of snow and life went on. That does not necessarily mean that we enjoy it or that we want more but that is out of our control.

According to there are currently 3 features in the weather pattern that could create more storms and cold temperatures for the Capital Region for late January and into February. Here are the 3 features to keep an eye on. By "keep an eye" on I mean a meteorologist, not you and me.

  1. Greenland Block - I don't know what this is but it is strong right now and it is lingering!! Should this head North, the Capital Region and the East coast could see more storms this month and next.
  2. The Pacific-West Coast Ridge - It's on the West coast so what do we care here in New York? Well from what I understand, if this ridge heads North to Alaska it could dislodge cold air that would head East to New York!
  3. Weaker Polar Vortex - It's weaker, that's a good thing right? Not exactly. For example, last Winter we had a stronger Polar Vortex and we enjoyed milder temperatures in the Northeast.

So what does all of this mean? Who knows?! Well, the meteorologists might know but we will have to wait and see how all of this develops. For now let's say that a warmer Arctic can lead to more severe weather in the Eastern US and that is how it is looking right now. Check out for a much more in-depth explanation and for expertise on the subject.



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