Just when you were wondering where you could get a winter hat with a built in beard, Fab.com has sent us the Beardo.  It's the beanie, that keeps both your head and face warm.


If you are like me, then you are an unfortunate male that cannot grow facial hair.  Now if you're talking about sideburns, I can grow a mean pair of muttonchops, but a beard, sadly no.  Always on the look out for the latest faux beard stuff, I happened upon the Beardo yesterday.

Not only is this a nice warm winter hat, but it's built in beard also keeps your face warm.  Genius.  Created by a Canadian man who was looking for a way to keep his baby face warm.  Don't quote me on the baby face thing, but it was created by Jeff Phillips who is in fact Canadian.

If the built in beards on the hats aren't enough, than you can also get the BeerMo.  What is the BeerMo?  It's a devise you put on your beer bottle that makes it look like you have a mustache.

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